Bitcoin Explained : PART 5 : Types of Attack

May 1, 2018

In this post, I will describe two types of attacks on the bitcoin network, Replay attack and 51% attack. I think It’s very important to understand these attacks to have a complete picture of how the network works.  Replay Attack The replay attack is a type of attack that occurs during hard forks. After a […]

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Global scalability

Bitcoin Explained : PART 4 : Scaling

April 28, 2018

Scaling is one of the major issues of blockchain that needs to be solved quickly. The goal of cryptocurrency is to replace our current means of exchange in the future. No decentralized project can succeed without a big community behind it. We need people to use the network. Not solving the scaling problem will lead […]

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Disrupting the Video: VideoCoin

April 25, 2018

Bitcoin Introduced a new Idea to the world. The possibility to build a system for the community, monitored by the community. The Idea to share resources in order to maintain the performance of the system and protect that system from malicious behavior. Bitcoin Introduced to the world a new definition of freedom, and with this freedom […]

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Bitcoin explained : PART 3 : Fork and Stale blocks

April 24, 2018

In this post, I would like to describe what stale blocks are and what a fork is. Now that we understand what a blockchain is, what mining is and how it works for bitcoin. We are going to use these concepts to introduce additional concepts. What is a Stale Block? When two miners mine two […]

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Bitcoin explained : PART 2 : Mining and proof of work

April 20, 2018

In a previous post about consensus mechanism, I gave a quick introduction to proof of work. Proof of work is the consensus mechanism implemented in many blockchain projects. Proof of work is used to secure the Bitcoin network. The computers involved in the proof of work process are called miners. In this post, I would […]

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Bitcoin Explained: PART 1: Introduction 

April 16, 2018

Bitcoin is the first application of the blockchain technology. In this post, I’ll explain in simple terms how bitcoin technically works and how a transaction takes place in the network. As I mentioned before, blockchain is a data structure that stores data. In the case of Bitcoin, this data is a list of transactions. Each […]

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Blockchain Explained: Part 4: Cryptography for blockchain

April 12, 2018

In this post, I would like to explain the fundamental concepts of cryptography used in blockchain technology. we hear a lot about hashing functions, private keys, and cryptographic linking. These are extremely important concepts to understand if you want to get the full picture of the blockchain. Remember that blockchain is a technical subject that […]

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Rock immutable

Blockchain Explained PART 3 : Immutability and Availability

April 8, 2018

In this part 3, I will talk about two other properties of the blockchain technology which are immutability and availability. After a consensus is reached and the data is validated and stored on the blockchain, it is there forever. No one can alter it. This is a powerful concept that opens doors for many applications. […]

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Corporation night

The Importance of Activist Investing

April 4, 2018

In this post, I would like to give a quick introduction to activist investing. And why I think we need them in every company despite the reputation they have in the business world. Is activist investing good or bad? Activist investors have always been presented as bad actors, doing takeovers and ruining companies. But, in […]

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Identity on blockchain, The disruption of TheKey

April 1, 2018

In my previous post about NEO, I have talked about the concept of the smart economy that NEO is trying to build. It’s a comprehensive concept to describe how the future economy will look like. In this ecosystem, digital identities are mandatory and TheKey provides just that. You cannot have an economy where you can digitize […]

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